This weekend, we’re. . .


Hitting the road with J, Sam, and a pup this afternoon!

We’re off to Charlottesville and then camping with the family. Yes, the whole Farson-Pratt-Gray family.

We’re going to celebrate b/c it’s a miracle after all (*finding a weekend that worked)!

[Photo: Early morning after camping at Jordan Lake//Grace Farson]

Winter morning




It feels like summer//70 degrees// Shorts to class.

I am entirely unprepared for a real winter.

Winters are long here.
The road a dark gray, the maples gray, silvered with lichen,
and the sun low on the horizon,
white on blue; at sunset, vivid orange-red.

When I shut my eyes, it vanishes.
When I open my eyes, it reappears.
Outside, spring rain, a pulse, a film on the window.

And suddenly it is summer, all puzzling fruit and light.

– Louise Gl├╝ck, Winter Morning

For your Monday:

+ A pretty song about frost falling (?) for your week.

+ A pretty photo of St. Petersburg in snow

+ A pretty video of Iceland

[Photos: Comfortably cool September days in Virginia and North Carolina//Grace Farson]

a night with nettles

while in charlottesville, the girls went to hear my very talented brother-in-law and his band play at the twisted branch tea bazaar.

guion, it was an absolute privilege to hear you and the rest of nettles play!

+ also, check out the charlotte’s review of nettles here

+ and for more music, check out guion and caleb’s new music blog


{sorry for the poor quality pics. the lighting in le tea bazaar was difficult}

charlottesville in photos

me & kels play with gifts from nepal

dinner with the ladies

what we made

guion's hops, growing in the backyard

abby's basil

farmers market flowers


our delicious {shared} lunch at eppies

guion in the house

abby will make a good mamma one of these days

laughs with abs & charlie


tea time

tea with the ladies

beautiful shades of blue

saying goodbye to abby & guion

driving back down to nc

drawing of my loafers

we listened to my favorite book - half the sky - on tape

beautiful virginia landscape

reading the beach on the drive

rain, rain, rain

back home

abandoned house on road to charlottesville

as expected, our little weekend getaway time was pretty much perfect. it was a weekend full of fun and laughter.

thanks abby & guion for showing us around your lovely little town and for sharing your beds!

hope you had an equally lovely and sunny weekend!

more photos from our charlottesville visit to come soon.

. . .

+ a lovely lace dress

+ updates on my flickr coming soon

+ jose villa does it again. this time he’s in the desert! my future wedding right here. . .