what i wore wednesday: week 15

“so much there is to see, but our morning eyes describe a different world than do our afternoon eyes, and surely our wearied evening eyes can report only a weary evening world.”

– john steinbeck, travels with charley

+ + +

life is so rewarding when you wake up early.

today has been so good.

in fact, it’s the complete opposite of yesterday. yesterday i was feeling sad, ill and unmotivated and today i’m ready for it all – ready to work. . . ready to find time for things that matter . . . and ready to take on whatever life throws at me.

today is a day to celebrate:

+ getting ahead

+ feeling accomplished

+ waking up early

+ the chilly weather

+ friends and good converstations

+ tea

+ quiche for breakfast

+ carborro

+ special sweaters {and flags of the world!}

+ good memories

world – i hope you have an equally good wednesday!

+ rivers and roads by the head and the heart

what i wore wednesday: week 11

sorry for the  belated post, but this is what i wore wednesday two weeks ago. after two days in the same j.crew hunter green turtleneck, andrew challenged me to go a third day. . .  so. . .  of course i had to accept his challenge and get creative.

i’m proud {?} to say that this lovely shirt never left my body for three days. distressing? perhaps, but i wore it differently everday so no one knew it.

also, the hat concealed some sexy unclean hair. . .

all together it was a look inspired by laziness and the upcoming winter!

last week’s what i wore wednesday post coming soon.

and. . . a song about hysterical strength.