Race day | Wilmington, NC

raceday4raceday5 raceday2 raceday3I recently got around to developing an old roll of film.

This is some of what I found –> late summer trip to Wilmington and images of a marathon.

It is amazing how our brains choose to remember only bits and pieces of days months ago. I forgot all about how green the grass was there, how J looked an awful lot like Lincoln then, and how I broke my shoes that night while running to get watermelon.

I’m increasingly anxious and excited for this summer, for warmer days, and finding the balance between making and not making plans.







More from a blue weekend in Wilmington.

Break is full. It is a pleasant place to be at, but I thought wrongly when I assumed I’d have all the time in the world to take care of business back in Chapel Hill//Carrboro. Eleven hour work days and oddly spaced breaks = life right now.

That said, it feels good to not worry about essays, projects, performances. . . yes, even for just a week.

I’m happy I stayed. I stayed and felt no real need to leave. I guess I’m changing. . .

“Consciousness itself does not hinder living in the present. In fact,it is only to a heightened awareness that the great door to the present opens up at all. Even a certain amount of interior verbalization is helpful to enforce the memory of whatever it is that is taking place. . . ” – Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

[Photos: Wilmington, NC. March 2013//Grace Farson]