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“god never envisioned a world where his image bearers would do life in low gear to be encouraged to hold back, especially when suffering is rampant, people are lost, and there is so much kingdom work to do. he wants his daughters to thrive, mature, gain wisdom, hone their gifts, and contribute to his vast purposes in our world. we should be the first to celebrate the news that the doors of education and opportunity are opening to young girls who are emerging as leaders and who are blessing their communities and improving national economies.”

– carolyn custis james, half the church

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{close up of a batik painting in tembi// indonesia}

spotted and hearted

+ the best thing i have read all week. i couldn’t agree more –

“i believe in authentic learning rather than forced memorization. i believe in self-directed exploration for the love of it rather than education through a system based on reward and punishment (grades, testing, the whole academic ball of wax). i believe that children should primarily play and not be confined to desks. i believe in nurturing imagination rather than emphasizing rote regurgitation of facts.”

– read more here

+ i wish i was doing this right now

+ dreaming of a hot air balloon ride

+ iceburgs are works of art

+ i cannot wait to see more of this big and beautiful world. . .  between earth and sky

+ i would like to go to here

+ castles around the globe are fascinating

+ this idea board is inspiring

+ i need to learn how to write a poem

{photo = the red fort in  delhi. . .}