reading in india

reading sold in darjeeling

reading the lonely planet india in varanasi

reading the times of india in mumbai

reading a passage to india in pushkar

reading city maps in delhi

* blogging from the beach! maria and i are currently surviving  a week of sunburns and crazy kiddos, but ultimately we’re having a good time. happy to have some sun, sand, and water time.

. . .

“the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – augustine of hippo

i like to keep track of the the things i read in one of two ways – with photography or with my goodreads account.

while sifting through some of my travel photos, i stumbled across a few what i read where photos. here is a list of some of the stuff i was reading while in india early this summer.

. . .

* sold by patricia mccormick {a beautiful, simple, but meaningful story about a nepali girl sold into the sex trade in india}

* india a lonely planet guide {* special note to all travelers, this was the first time i had ever used a travel guide-book and although i did use a lonely planet book in both india and nepal, i doubt i will ever travel with one again. i found better restaurants, hostels, hotels, and special spots the days i did not refer to the book than the days i did. be gutsy and go without one. you will do yourself a favor. xoxo, g}

* the times of india {read the newspaper wherever i could, whenever i could, but rarely felt up-to date on current events. read the times  in mumbai at the cafe mondegar in colaba that day. yes, i splurged on a good breakfast some days!}

* a passage to india {interesting. i doubt i would have liked this one without knowing what i know about india. overall, i give it a thumbs up}

* maps {learned to read some maps while i was away. can’t say i remember what book this map was from}

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