HEART: Five people you love in this or any other world.

If you know me, you know one thing. You know I love one thing in this world more than anything else – my family.

Five people who I love in this or any other world?

This was easy:

1.) My Mom, TT. My mom is easily my greatest hero of all time. She is a rock. She is tireless, or at least she appears to be. She can pull anything off with ease. Mom taught all of us at an early age to dream big and try things. Not only is she the most beautiful woman I have ever known, both inside and out, she is a sassy and savvy businesswoman, an urban farmer and beekeeper, and an all around innovator. I always know whenever a problem arises, TT is there to help solve it. She is infinitely compassionate and although she never has a moment for herself, she never complains. I’m so richly blessed to have a woman like her as a mother.

2.) My Dad, Juju. More than anyone else, Dad is the reason I am the way that I am. All of my strange quirks, my passions, my hoarding, my love of adventure, etc . . . they are all my Dad’s fault. The older I get the more I come to realize just how similar we are. Dad is one of my favorite people to talk about because he is endlessly fascinating. He has LIVED and he has done so many remarkable things in his life. Because of Dad, all of us kids have a sick sense of humor, we laugh when people get hurt and we’re incredibly crude. Thanks to Dad, our family never stops having fun or trying new things. Dad makes life interesting and fabulous.

3.) My sister, Abby. Abby is essentially a wonder-woman. She has it all going on. She is the smartest person I know and she doesn’t flaunt it. She is sorta flawless. In addition to her beautiful mind, she’s positively gorgeous. For most of my life, she terrified me because she was always so put together, so on top of things [*the entire opposite of me], but I’ve learned to embrace it and respect her for it. I owe a lot to Abby and more than any one person I know, she encourages me to pursue my passions and my art fully. She is my greatest inspiration and she gives me the support I constantly need. She first taught me how to keep a blog, how to draw, and how to pull things together to create a cool, colorful ensemble. She makes me laugh, makes me think, and most of all makes me want to be a better person.

4.) My sister, Kelsey. Kelsey is the most bad-ass individual I have ever met in my life. She’s a true bad-ass, because she doesn’t even try to be one. She had an early love for fast cars and even faster motorcycles, she played hockey for years on the USA teams and all-male teams across the country, and she knows a scary good amount about European collective defense. She is always full of energy, life, and ambition. Her drive is remarkable. I will never forget the time I spent starving by her side in Europe, sharing a bed for the good first part of our lives, or our long late night talks. She is one of those people who never ceases to amaze or shock me. She makes me want to try because she herself is never afraid of trying. Her heart is just as beautiful as she is and I’m always in need of quality Kelsey time.

5.) My brother, Sam. Sam, or Little Bro Peep, as his older sisters like to call him, has a heart of gold. He’s a total hottie and a true hipster. He’s the person I go to to talk about all those strange, fab new movies and I love to steal his music more than I can say. He has no idea just how proud I am of him and how much happiness he brings into his family’s life. He has had to put up with the most in our family, being the youngest AND the only boy, but he has oddly enough turned out the best one of us all! He has such a level head and at his core he is truly good. He’s grown up to be one fiercely attractive, funny, and interesting kid. I cannot imagine life without him.

[Photo: My family + Dublin + Guion. Thanksgiving, 2011//Grace Farson]

2 thoughts on “Heart

  1. How does one reply to perfection? Or to make a comment about these bad-ass people, who just might say, “I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!”

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