Lindsey + Jesse | Durham, NC

Lindsey and Jesse were married in their backyard in Durham one beautiful Saturday afternoon in late August.

Lindsey told me they were getting married in their backyard, and I honestly did not know what to expect. When I pulled up to their home, I was entirely blown away. From the chickens, to the gardens, and the perfect late summer light, Lindsey and Jesse’s backyard was a magical and perfect place to have a wedding!

I felt honored to be present on their special day. These two love fully and it is evident in everything they do.

I’m so happy these two found each other and share a love like this.

Location: Lindsey and Jesse’s backyard in Durham, NC.
Video: Grace Farson
Photography: Bridget McEnaney
Music: Macklemore and James Morrison

One thought on “Lindsey + Jesse | Durham, NC

  1. i cant talk enough about this video about about you. Grace it is clear that you are so invested in your work. When you shoot you are not intrusive and yet you find a way to get intimate shots. Your artistic and creative eye shows through in your work. I am so glad the universe worked out in a way that we found each other…so that we could be your first wedding video and you could give us a priceless gift. thank you thank you thank you thank you.

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