where i live now

“this is a place where i don’t feel alone . . . this is a place where i feel at home.”

to build a home, cinematic orchestra

+ + +

it’s hard to believe i have been home for four months now. . . but what is even more strange is that i have lived in this place for three of those four months.

i never spend time here and i consider it more of a storage unit than a home because it is essentially just the place i store all of my things. . . it is far from a home, but ehaus, dear ehaus, you’ve been good to me.

. . . i’m just really excited about having a real home someday soon.

{holga photos from earlier this fall & the other two from a certain lovely night in chapel hill}

p.s. i want to apply for a grant to “research” skylining and possibly marry one of these french boys. . . also, thanks world for making classy documentaries like these!

One thought on “where i live now

  1. that film makes me want to get a 5D II so i can film like that. one of the best shot movies ive ever seen

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